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Activation, knowledge and mediation modules (#AND ACTION):

The duration of each module is adapted to the needs of each group and thus may vary from group to group.

  • Activation module #ACTION:

Arrival - Activation - Job Orientation

  • Knowledge module #U_CAN: basic school knowledge and/or refreshing or clearing up knowledge gaps in the area of basic education (primarily German, mathematics, English and digitalization);
    • Literacy in German,
    • Preparation for the ÖIF A1/A2 exam;
    • Teaching learning skills (learning to learn), speaking, reading and writing, math, English and digital skills
  • Placement module #Ready_SET_GO: Gaining practical experience, job application activities


Trial module (#TRY_ME):

Action-oriented work in the workshop, namely in the areas of gastronomy/tourism and IT, electrical engineering and installation, mechatronics. Opportunity to try out, gain new impressions; improve social skills, cultural techniques, etc.